Why invest in Louisville

Quick summary of why to invest in Louisville:

  1. Named by Realtor.com as “The real estate market that will outperform in 2022”
  2. Named “Up and Coming City for Trendy Locations” in 2021
  3. Named “Top 10 Places Renters Can Afford” (#8) in 2021
  4. Strong job market: Creating jobs at a rate higher than the national average
  5. Population growth: 6 decades of consistent growth with 4.9% growth the past 2 years; city has nearly 700,000 with about 1.3 Million in metro area
  6. Low Cost of Living: Average cost of living is 12% below the national average
  7. Reasonable property prices ($206K average home price; national average is $428K)
  8. Strong rental market (38% of properties are rentals)
  9. Low property taxes
  10. Landlord friendly
  11. Low vacancy rate

    That’s about everything you would want in a good real estate investment!

    Let’s look a little deeper…

The first reason to invest in Louisville is because of jobs and stability. It’s largest employers are stable and diverse, including UPS, healthcare (Norton, Humana, and Baptist Healthcare), the University of Louisville as well as a couple Ford and GE plants.

Another reason to invest in Louisville is the fantastic cost of properties, with the average home costing less than half of the average home nationally.